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Inspection Services Offered
Safe Haven Inspections offers a wide variety of services within the Real Estate Community.  Each inspection can be unique although many of the basic methods used to obtain the needed information are the same.  For a listing of the items inspected, visit THIS PAGE of our website.  Below are the types of inspection services offered by Safe Haven.

                        This is the most common type of inspection used during the purchase of a home and is ordered by                         the buyer.  The major systems and components of the home are included.
                        This type of inspection is usually performed to assist the seller in getting the property ready for                         sale.  Marketing techniques can also be a part of this inspection.  Ask about our "Move in Certified"                         program.
                        New homes usually have a 1 year warranty.  This inspection is perfomed just prior to the end of the                         warranty period and can be given to the builder for correction.
                        This inspection is similar to a yearly physical check-up of the major systems.
                        Banks and note holders use these type of inspections to review the condition of recently foreclosed                         properties and obtain information on what work may need to be done.
                        These inspections should be used prior to obtaining financing for remodeling the home.  This can                         help you decide the depth of the remodel needed.
                        Insurance Inspections are accomplished usually after damage has been done to the property and a                         neutral party is needed for damage assessment.
                        Normally this inspection is for up to 4 units, however, larger units can be accomodated with certain                         restrictions.
                        There are many types of condos or townhomes.  Some are separate units, some are attached as                         part of a complex.  Inspection fees vary dependant on type of unit.
                        Manufactured homes, or prior to 1979, "mobile homes", can have unique features that should be                         inspected.
                        These inspections are done during various stages of construction to verify the work is progressing                         in a quality manner.
                        These inspections are usually ordered by banks in order to verify the percentage of work                         completed at various stages.  "Draws" or payments are then made to the builder.
                        Homes with private or shared wells can have the flow rate of the well tested at the property.  This                         may help indicate a flow restriction.
                        Renters order these inspections to verify the condition of the property prior to and at the end of the                         tenancy period to protect their deposits.
                        These inspections are usually peformed for investors or mortgage companies to verify                         environmental issues on the subject property as well as surrounding areas.
                        These inspections are usually done during a remodel or addition process to verify if the work is                         being completed to industry standards and within manufacturers guidelines.

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Safe Haven Home Inspections performs a variety of Home Inspection services for the Real Estate Industry throughout the Puget Sound area.  Based in Pierce County, Safe Haven travels from Snohomish in the North to Vancouver in the South: from Packwood in the East to Ocean Shores in the West.  We cover the majority of Western Washington performing Home Inspections in Tacoma, Puyallup, Bellevue, Mercer Island, North Bend and Issaquah.  State of Washington Licensed Home Inspector.  Certified by Inspections Training Associates and the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  Home Inspections with Active Military Discount.
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