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Many people search the internet for the lowest price possible when they are considering a purchase or a service.  Today's consumer is very savvy when it comes to shopping.  Businesses like Costco are very popular because they offer a product at a good price.  There is however, a difference between products and professional services.  A Pepsi is a Pepsi, no matter where you buy it or how much you pay.  The same goes with a gallon of milk.  Not all Home Inspectors are alike, nor are their services.  Shopping by price alone, could be an expensive mistake.  In this instance, a lesser price is not necessarily a better deal.  There is a difference between the "cheapest" and the "best value".  You really do get what you pay for.

There are some inspectors that are new to the industry that will do anything to build their business.  The recent "trick of the trade" is to post prices that "START AT" a ridiculously low price for a style of home that rarely exists.  $99.00 special.  It isn't until you call, that you find out that particular price is for a 400 sq ft condo.  Don't be fooled.  It is merely a ploy to get you on the phone.  You will never see that price.  Some believe that it is nothing more than a bait and switch.  There is no reason to try and fool anyone.  Be honest, be upfront and supply a quality service.

You are more than likely spending between TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND and ONE MILLION DOLLARS or more to purchase your home.  Do you really want a "$199.00 special" inspection for your purchase? Do you want to be one of 3 or 4 rushed inspections done in one day?  Professional Home Inspection is not an inexpensive business.  The specialized tools, computers and software can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  I am not the least expensive, nor the most expensive.  My prices are very competitive with other experienced full time home inspectors.

As a professional full time home inspector, I limit myself to a single inspection per day in order to spend the time necessary to do a complete and professional job.  A 2000 sq ft. home will usually take 4-5 hours onsite, longer if the home is older or there are many issues.  I will not rush or skimp on an inspection.  Your purchase and my reputation depend on quality, not quantity.  Safe Haven Inspections is a locally owned and operated company, not an out of state franchise.

Inspections can have a wide variety of pricing structures.  Most are based on the size of the home, as well as the number and the type of services requested.

For a current price quote, please call (253) 241-0602.  Daily until 10pm


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