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Home Inspection Report
Time is important in every real estate transaction.  Safe Haven Inspections has decided that in order to meet the rigid standards we have set, and to best serve our clients, reports will be delivered in the following manner:

Upon completion of the inspection, a PDF file will be emailed to the client within 24 hours.  (Fax if necessary)  This file will contain everything the client might need to make their determination on the property.  If requested, a complete written and bound report with CD will be mailed via USPS the following day at an additional charge.

Starting in the Fall of 2008, all reports will be available as a password protected file at the Safe Haven Inspections website.  They will be available for downloading or printing for a 6 month period.  After that time, they will be removed and stored in our secure database. 

Safe Haven Home Inspections uses the latest professional computer software available, Home Inspector Pro.  This new report system is being purchased by more and more professional home inspection companies each month, throughout North America.  Home Inspector Pro allows for a variety of custom reports to fit the varying needs of our clientele.  Using the same report style for a home buyer, a client that is interested in remodeling or an investor, is not in the best interest of the client.  Each has different needs and the inspection report should reflect those needs.

The report is property of Safe Haven Inspections, however, the client who ordered and paid for the inspection has exclusive rights to the report.   Information will not be shared with another party without specific permission of the client unless it is a serious safety matter.

The report is copyrighted by Safe Haven Inspections and is prepared solely and exclusively for our Client(s). Ownership of this report is retained by Safe Haven Inspections.
Clients and Agents are specifically advised that transfer or sale to any other potential buyer or another agent is prohibited-to do so would be a violation of U.S. Copyright laws and all legal means will be used to protect Safe Haven Inspections and their property. Without our written permission, the "Summary" (and only that portion of this report) may be presented to the property owner or their agent for the purpose of sale negotiations in relation to the client who purchased the inspection.  If the client named,  fails to purchase the property, no other person may use or retain a copy of this report for any reason.

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