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Exhaust Fan                                                  10
Compactors                                                    6
Dishwashers                                                   9
Disposers, Food Waste                              12
Dryers, Electric                                             13
Dryers, Gas                                                   13
Freezers                                                        11
Microwave Ovens                                           9
Ranges, Electric                                           13
Ranges, Gas                                                 15
Range/Oven Hoods                                      14
Refrigerators, Compact                                 9
Refrigerators, Standard                               13
Washers                                                        10
Water Heaters, Electric                               11
Water Heaters, Gas                                     10
Air-Conditioners, Room                              10
Air-Conditioners, Unitary                             15
Boilers, Electric                                            13
Boilers, Gas                                                  21
Dehumidifiers                                                 8
Furnaces, Warm-Air, Electric                     15
Furnaces, Warm-Air, Gas                           18
Furnaces, Warm-Air, Oil                             20
Heat Pumps                                                 16
Humidifiers                                                     8

Below are listed the average life expectancies for many of the items that make up your home.  These figures are courtesy of the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  For the complete report including items not listed here, please visit their website at:
Home Component Life Expectancies

Accessible/ADA Products                             Lifetime
Faucets, Bar/Hospitality                                15
Faucets , Kitchen Sinks                                 15
Faucets, Lavatory                                           20+
Faucets, Tub/Shower                                     20+
Faucets, Toilets/Bidets                                  10.
Saunas/Steam Rooms                                  15-20
Shower Doors                                                 20+
Shower Enclosures/Modules                         50
Showerheads                                                  Lifetime
Toilets/Bidets                                                  Lifetime
Whirlpool Tubs                                                20-50

Sinks: Kitchen & others
Enamel Steel                                                    5-10
Modified Acrylic                                               50
Soapstone                                                       100+


Air Conditioners                                              10-15
Air Quality Systems                                         15
Boilers                                                              13-21
Dehumidifiers                                                   8
Ducting                                                             10
Furnaces                                                          15-20
Heat Pumps                                                     16
Heat Recovery Ventilators                             20+
Thermostats                                                     35
Ventilators                                                        7
Water Heaters, Tankless                                20+
Electric Radiant Heater                                  40
Hot Water or Steam Radiant Heater            15+
Diffusers, Grilles, and Registers                   25
Induction and Fan-Coil Units                         10-15
Dampers                                                          20+
DX, Water, or Steam                                      20
Electric                                                             15
Shell-and-Tube                                                20
Molded Insulation                                            Lifetime     Not usually used residentially.
Burners                                                            <10 Oil burners need more maintenance and don't last as long
                                                                                  as gas burners.

All Wooden Floors                                           Lifetime
Bamboo                                                            Lifetime
Brick Pavers                                                    100+
Carpet                                                               8-10
Concrete                                                           50+
Engineered Wood                                           50+
Exotic Wood                                                     Lifetime
Granite                                                              100+
Laminate                                                          15-25
Linoleum                                                           25
Marble                                                               100+
Slate                                                                  100
Tile                                                                     75-100
Vinyl                                                                   50
Other Domestic Wood                                     Lifetime
Terrazo                                                              75+

Note: This report should be used as a general guideline only. None of the information in this report should be interpreted as a representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the life expectancy or performance of any individual product or product line. Readers should not make buying decisions and/or product selections based solely on the information contained in this report.

Throughout your home, there are components that serve a variety of purposes.  There is the HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning system.  There is the Plumbing system that supplies water, both cold and hot, as well as takes care of the waste.  There are of course the appliances within the home as well.  But there are also components that most people take for granted.  They are the everyday things that are used and abused without even a second glance.

As time passes, items will eventually break down and fail.  There are no components that are designed to last forever.  Not only do items age and break, they also become obsolete due to changes in technology.   This is the part of home ownership that most people don't speak about except when they are comparing "war wounds" with their friends and neighbors.

It can be very frustrating when multiple items break down or fail all at the same time.  If you look at the figures that are part of a study compiled by The InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors, (found HERE) you will notice that the items that we are most familiar with, have a very similar life span.  If you purchased a home that is 9 or 10 years old, chances are all the original appliances and components are still in place.  During a 3-5 year span, based on the NACHI report, you may have the following items fail:  Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Dryer, Freezer, Refrigerator, Oven/Range, Water Heater, Furnace, Heat Pump, Faucets, Garbage Disposals, Microwave, Exhaust Fan and Trash Compactors.

The failure of these items will probably not happen on a time schedule. Based on personal experience, failure is usually at the most inopportune time.  Heaters seem to fail in the winter, air conditioners in the summer.  Water heaters or septic systems seem to fail when there are guests visiting for the weekend. Failure could happen sooner, or the item may last years and years past the normal lifespan.  It is something that must be expected as an owner.

Manufacturers usually offer a warranty of some length depending on the item.  They can be as short as 90 days or maybe up to 10 years but they do not offer a normal warranty that will last forever.  They don't build items to last forever or they would go out of business.

A home inspection is a picture in time.  Something may be functioning properly on the day of the inspection, and fail six months down the road or even fail the next day.  My report will tell you if the item was working on the day of the inspection.  Unless you close and take possession that day, chances are the item will continue to be used by the current homeowner.  If a manufacturer will not guarantee their product forever, please don't expect your home inspector to do it for them. 

If you have concerns regarding the potential failure of components in your home, I would suggest that you purchase a home warranty.  They are available for set periods of time and the price will reflect the time frame as well as the components covered.  Listed below are links for a number of Home Warranty Companies.  I do not recommend any specific company; these are merely for your convenience.  You may check with your Realtor and see if they have additional options or discounts available through their company.

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